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Are Bananas Good For Dogs?

As a responsible and informed pet owner, you need to be very much particular about your pet’s diet. Besides good quality pet food which is no doubt compulsory you can share some fresh fruits and vegetables with your canine as supplementary diet. But it is very important to make sure that whatever food you are giving is safe for canine tummies. Banana which is one of the all-time favorite fruit, full of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Are bananas good for dogs? Can dogs eat bananas? Let’s find it!

Can dogs eat banana


The answer is a definite “yes”. It is one such treat that you can give your dog without a guilty conscience. Dogs were considered strict carnivore or meat eaters which are actually a myth, in reality, canines are more aligned with omnivores, or those animals that eat both meat, vegetables and on whole other organic materials. So for your Fido to be healthy and active you need to supplement her diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Banana is not just full of nutrients and a healthy snack for your dog, in fact, it is also a fruit which not all but most dogs love to eat. So you can give it as a reward for good behavior or a training treat.

But remember an excess of anything can lead to a problem. You can give banana but in moderation because eating too much can lead to stomach problem like constipation. Also, keep in mind that do not feed whole banana in one go as it is a choking hazard or can create a blockage. So feed banana in small chunks or pieces so it would be easier for your dog to swallow and digest. Knowing that dogs can eat banana if you wonder can dogs eat banana peel too? It is important to know that banana peels are not recommended for dogs therefore should be discarded.

Benefits Of Feeding Banana To Dogs

Not only is banana a great addition but it has amazing health benefits too. Some of the benefits of banana for dogs include:

  • Banana, when fed in moderation, helps in digestion. Banana is easy to digest so you can give it to your dog even if your dog has the finicky stomach. As banana is rich in fibers, it also helps to restore your dog’s bowel habits regular. But do not give too much as it can cause constipation.
  • Bananas have a high potassium and low salt content that prevents the bones from weakening by neutralizing and balancing high amounts of sodium in the body. This allows healthy amounts of calcium to stay in your canine’s body. Potassium, which is a vital mineral, also helps to normalize the heart beat and keep your dog’s blood pressure under control.
  • Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), which is present in banana helps nourish good bacteria in the colon that help your dog’s body absorb other nutrients.
  • Bananas have a high amount of vitamin B6 which acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It also contributes to the maintenance of the lymphoid glands. The lymphoid glands are important for the proper functioning of the immune system that protects the body against infections.
  • Bananas also help with overall cell formation and healthy nervous system functioning.
  • Banana is also considered a mood food for your Fido. It gives an instant boost of energy to your dog.

So can dogs have bananas? Yes, you can give this nutritious fruit as a snack or a treat to your dog but remember moderation is the key. The amount of banana will depend upon the size of your dog. One important point to keep in mind as a pet owner is that every dog is different and reacts to food in a different way. You cannot treat every dog in a similar way. So whenever you introduce a new food gage your dog’s system’s reaction carefully and continue only if everything goes smooth. If you have any concern it is wise to ask your veterinarian for the safety of your companion friend.Save


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