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Can Dogs Eat Apples? Facts Every Dog Owner Must Know

It is not unusual for dog owners to share with their furry friends some treats beside their canine diet but if you want to give your dog such food make sure that you are giving the food safe for canine tummies. Apple which is considered one of the best and healthy fruit for humans. Full of vitamins, calcium, iron, and potassium. Is it safe for dogs? Can dogs eat apples? Let’s find it!


Are apples good for dogs?

The answer is “yes”. You can give your dog apples. Apple is actually a grotesque, inexpensive, healthy and low calorie treat for dogs. If you really want to feed apple to your furry friend you can do as this fruit is really good for dogs but don’t use it as a replacement for good quality canine food.

Occasionally sharing it as an additional snack, treat or a reward to a healthy dog is reasonable. Beside that, the most important thing is the way you are giving the apple to your dog. You cannot give one whole apple. The idea itself of a dog gulping one whole apple is scary…so the point is you can use apples to supplement smaller portions of their normal diet but preparation is crucial.

Preparing it requires de-seeding, de-coring and cutting it into small pieces. Before giving your dog apple make sure you remove all seeds as they contain a toxic substance “cyanide”. Another reason for not feeding seeds is these can be choking hazard too. You’ll also need to discard the core of the apple — which also poses a choking hazard. Cut the remaining apple into small slices before feeding it to your dog.

As every dog is different and reacts to food in a different way you may have a dog that has trouble digesting apples, so gradually supplement apples to your dog’s diet, and gage his system’s reaction before making them a normal routine diet.

Are apples bad for dogs? Well not for a healthy dog but may be if a dog has diabetes, kidney problems, arthritis, cancer or any underlying health issue. So owners of dogs with any health concern should speak with a veterinarian before giving apple or any new fruit to their pooch.


Benefits of apple for dogs

Apple could be a smart addition to a dog’s diet for many reasons:

  • Apple which is low protein, high fiber, and full of antioxidant is also a great snack and substitute for aging pups or dogs with certain health issues where you need to restrict their protein intake.
  • Some vets believe that apples also help with issues like joint diseases in dogs.
  • Another benefit of apple for a dog is that it helps clean residue off a dog’s teeth which also helps freshen her breath.
  • Apples contain omega-6 fatty acids which also help dogs to get rid of skin allergies.
  • Apples contain vitamin C, fiber, sodium and saturated fat which help cure hip dysplasia in dogs.

So can dogs have apples? Yes, you can give your dog apples occasionally but prepare it that is de-seed it, de-core it and slice it into small digestible pieces before sharing it with your Fido. Do not give too much because stomach discomfort and diarrhea are possible side effects of feeding too much.

People food can cause problems in dogs. So before giving your dog any such food make sure that it is safe for your dog. As a pet owner you may really want to share your food with your companion friend but be sure to keep all such foods away from your dog which can cause a problem. If you are not really sure about any such food, don’t give it to your pet. You may think you do a favor by sharing your food with your pet but what is relatively healthy and harmless for us could cause problems to our dogs.


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