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Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Mystery Of The Fruit Revealed

can dogs eat avocado

Persin, an oil-soluble fungicidal toxic found in avocado is considered poisonous and dangerous for many animals including horses, fish, rabbits, and mice but can dogs eat avocado is under question.

Many dog owners are of the opinion that their Fido loves avocado and suffers no injury. On the other hand, some believe that avocado causes diarrhea and other undesired issues in their dog. So what is the mystery behind this fruit? Today we will try to sort out this secret by looking at the benefits and problems of sharing this fruit with your Fido.

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Are avocados bad for dogs

Have you heard somebody saying “Do not give peanuts to babies” or “Whenever I eat cauliflower it makes me gassy”. Many times, so the point is everyone is different and reacts to food in a different way. Something which your body digests well may create problem in my body…yes! Now think in the same way and you will get the answer.

Can dogs eat avocado? Every dog is different and reacts to food differently. Your dog may eat and digest avocado well but may be my dog suffers issues with the fruit. So this is one part of the mystery but still, the fruit is under debate. Let’s solve it.

Can I give the whole avocado to my dog?

Here lies the problem, Persin, as described above a toxin substance found in avocado, is basically the problem. This substance is found in Avocado leaves, fruit, seeds and bark. So to be on a safe side you cannot give these parts to your dog any way and also remember the “avocado seed “another reason that this fruit is thought to be dangerous for your dog.

The pit which is the size of a tennis ball is undoubtedly severe choking hazard for your dog and if swallowed results in serious health issues could like causing blockage in the intestinal tract etc. As Persin in present in quite good amount in the seed of the fruit, so if you really want to share avocado with your dog, discard all these parts and only give the flesh of the fruit but in small quantity. Gage you dog’s system carefully and if everything goes smooth and well you can occasionally share the fruit as a treat with your dog and if you observe something fishy stop giving it to your dog as it is not for your dog.

Health benefits of avocado for dogs

As mentioned above if your dog has no issues with the fruit you can share it with your dog for so many reasons:

can dogs eat avocado

  • Avocado is jam packed with potassium and dietary fibers.
  • Avocado is full of vital vitamins like A, C, and E.
  • Avocado is anti-inflammatory.
  • Avocado is full of good fats and folate.
  • Avocado is rich in essential omega fatty acids.
  • Avocado is also the rich source of protein than any other fruit.
  • Avocado is also a good source of Niacin.

How much avocado can I give my dog?

Knowing the benefits of the fruit you really want to give it to your dog but one of the concerns many veterinarians have about this fruit is not the poisoning but the excessive weight gain due to the rich amount of proteins and fats present in the fruit.

So feed your dog the flesh of the fruit only and the quantity will definitely depend upon the size of the dog. Smaller dogs might need to be fed only a small amount while big dogs can eat a little more…just keep in mind that your dog’s reaction to the fruit counts. So be your own judge and feed accordingly.

Signs of avocado toxicity in dogs

If your dog has ingested the seed, bark, leaves, fruit, and pit of the avocado and you see the following signs call your veterinarian immediately.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of stool production
  • Heart congestion

Hope your concern can dogs have avocado is solved. Although avocado and dogs is a controversial topic as avocado for dogs is good and bad both but feeding only the flesh of the fruit in small quantity occasionally is safe in fact good for most canines.



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