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Can dogs eat cantaloupe? Is It Safe?

can dogs eat cantaloupe

What you feed your dog is significant as diet is obviously the foundation of its overall health. It is important to have a good knowledge about the foods you are nourishing your pets with. The foods you feed your pets have the ability to either heal or harm. As a responsible pet parent, you should know the potential effects of the food you are giving to your pets. Although fruits are considered good for your pooch but not every fruit is equally beneficial as some fruits like grapes could seriously cause severe harm to your dog. What about cantaloupe? Can dogs eat cantaloupe? Is cantaloupe good for dogs or Is cantaloupe bad for dogs? Let’s find it.

Can I give my dog cantaloupe?

Species-specific nutrition is ideal to feed your pets but incorporating fruits and vegetables as an additional treat is considered healthy and nutritious. Like humans, dogs too can benefit from the rich vitamins and minerals contained in fruits however not all fruits are safe for our furry buddies.

Is cantaloupe safe for dogs? Well, the short answer is yes! You can feed cantaloupe to your dog in moderation. As cantaloupe is full of sugar and carbohydrates and hardly contains any protein, therefore, it is not an ideal fruit to frequently give your dog but occasionally sharing it in moderation as a treat with your pooch is not bad either.

Because of high sugar content, it should not be a mainstay for your dogs. Feeding too much could cause diarrhea and other stomach problems. You can also give other healthy alternatives like apples, bananas, and strawberries to your dog.

How can dogs eat cantaloupe?

As with almost any fruit, you offer your dog, moderation and preparation are needed to avoid any complications. To safely feed cantaloupe to your dog wash the fruit thoroughly with water. Remove the inedible skin as it contains pesticides and bacteria that could cause harm to your dog. Discard the seeds also as it could cause an upset stomach. Seeds also contain a good amount of cyanide which is thought to be toxic for dogs.

The soft ripe flesh of cantaloupe is safe for your furry friend to eat. When it comes to the amount and portion, one inch of the fruit cut into small pieces is an ideal sweet treat for your fur pal. Do not feed too much as it can cause diarrhea and stomachache.

What about cantaloupe rind for dogs, can dogs eat cantaloupe rind? Well, cantaloupe rind in small amount will not cause any serious problem for your dog but avoiding it rather is quite good. Cantaloupe rind as we know is tough so is hard for dogs to digest which is the reason it should be avoided.

Benefits of feeding cantaloupe to dogs

Cantaloupe stores in itself rich amount of vital nutrients and minerals which are needed for human and dogs alike. Although too much of the fruit could cause problems in your dog but feeding it occasionally to your dog as a treat is both healthy and nutritious for his/her overall health. Some of the benefits of cantaloupe for your dog are:

  • Vitamin c which is present in a good amount in cantaloupe is good for older dogs.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit are highly beneficial for the joint health.
  • Cantaloupe is a water rich fruit and can help hydrate your dog.
  • Beta carotene, a vital nutrient found in cantaloupe is thought to prevent asthma and cancer in dogs.
  • Potassium, choline and vitamin C which are richly found in cantaloupe prevent strokes in dogs.
  • Cantaloupe contains a high amount of fiber which prevents constipation in dogs.
  • Vitamin A and vitamin C found in cantaloupe is good for vision health.
  • Cantaloupe contains an excellent amount of potassium which is good for proper heart function and gastrointestinal health.

So, can I give my dog cataloupe? Yes, A small amount of cantaloupe cut in small pieces with the skin and seeds removed could be occasionally fed to healthy dogs as a treat. Although due to the high level of sugar content it is not recommended for diabetic dogs. Always feed a new fruit in very small amount and keep a constant eye on your dog. If you see any of the symptoms of ill health stop feeding the fruit right away as every dog’s metabolism is different.

Do not forget to ask your veterinarian about the foods you can safely share with your four legged companions on your next visit for the lifelong health and happiness of your companion.Save

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