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Can Dogs Eat Eggs Or Not?

can dogs eat eggs

We love eggs and consume them every day not only because they are super delicious in any form, boiled, fried, toast, cakes or crepes, but also because eggs are incredibly nutritious and contain all the vital nutrients that we need. Well this is the reason why eggs are such an important part of our diet but what about sharing this treasure of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and good proteins with our four legged companions, can dogs eat eggs? Are eggs good for dogs? Let’s find it?

Can dogs eat egg safely?

Well, are eggs safe for dogs or not there is not a single unanimous yes or no answer to this question. There is a lot of controversy regarding whether this super food egg is good or bad for dogs. There are some opponents who claim that raw eggs could pose a risk of salmonella and biotin deficiency in cats and dogs due to the enzyme inhibitor egg white contain but there is no such evidence or proof to this claim. On the other hand, it is believed that eggs could be a super addition to a dog’s diet as they are loaded with selenium, folate, vitamins and essential amino acids that your canine needs. So to tell you briefly, like for us humans, eggs are completely safe and healthy for our dogs too and most dogs love them. Therefore you can add them occasionally as part of their diet along with high quality dog food which you should not compromise on.

Can dogs eat raw eggs?

To safely feed eggs and eliminate any risk of salmonella and biotic deficiency, it is best to avoid feeding raw eggs to your pooch and prepare it before feeding. You can boil the egg rather than fry it in additional oil or butter, this way not only are eggs safe but your furry buddy will derive numerous health benefits out of it.

So if next time while enjoying your breakfast with super delicious mouthwatering scrambled eggs you wonder can I give my dog scrambled eggs, hold on! Any additional butter, oil, milk or salt, as required for scrambled egg, is, of course, a bit too much for your dog and therefore not healthy, so avoid sharing it with your buddy and rely on simply boiled egg.

One important thing you should know is how often can dogs eat eggs? can dogs eat eggs every day or once a week? You can safely give one egg to your dog a day but more than one is not quite healthy as eggs are high in cholesterol and they do contain enzyme inhibitors which could affect the digestion, especially in puppies and older dogs, and many dogs don’t do well with eggs also. Start by giving a small amount and gage any symptoms of ill health. If your dog goes well with them, you can share a few per week safely.

When talking about feeding eggs to dogs many owners also want to know whether or not dogs can eat egg white as there is some difference of opinion regarding feeding raw egg white to dogs? What’s the truth…, Is it safe to feed egg white to dogs?

It is recommended to give one whole egg, including white and yolk both, as raw egg white contains avidin, which according to some opponents could cause a biotic deficiency in dogs if used for an extended period, therefore a whole cooked egg a day is the safest way to feed your dog. So yes, you can safely give one whole egg once a day and a couple a week to your Fido without any reservations.

What about egg shells, can dogs eat egg shells too? Yes, egg shells are a great source of healthy nutrition for your dog. When feeding eggs do not discard the shells as they can also be added to your regular dog’s food which will help keep their coat shiny and healthy plus are great for bones and teeth too. You can prepare egg shells by simply grinding them in a mixer or grinder. You can keep these powdered shells in an air tight container for about a week and sprinkle about a teaspoon in your dog’s regular kibble. This way you can also eliminate any risks of choking for your dog or having difficulty digesting them.

Health benefits of eggs for dogs:

This nature’s gift is jam-packed of essential nutrients that not only we need but is equally beneficial for our canines too. Some of the health benefits of eggs for dogs are:

  • Eggs contain naturally occurring Vitamin-D which aids in absorbing the calcium found in eggs, which is great for bones and teeth.
  • Eggs contain selenium and iron, both of which helps fight cancers.
  • Eggs contain iodine which is great especially for dogs with thyroid issues.
  • Amino acids, which are building blocks of the body, are found in great amount in eggs.
  • Canines can also benefit from good proteins found in eggs. This will keep your fur pal’s coat healthy and shiny.
  • Egg shells, which are loaded with calcium, are super healthy and nutritious for a dog’s bones and teeth, especially for arthritic and older dogs.

Although naturally occurring protein avidin, found in egg is a bit concerning for dog owners as it is thought that long term feeding of raw egg could interfere with the functioning of biotin in the body, but sharing cooked eggs occasionally in moderation with your dog is not something to be worried of and could be fed to your pooch safely. Besides healthy additions like egg, apples, bananas or strawberries good quality dog food should be the mainstay of your dog’s diet as it is specifically formulated keeping canines systems in mind.Save


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