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Can Dogs Eat Fish? Fact You Really Want To Know

can dogs eat fish

Fish has a lot of benefits for humans and is therefore highly recommended. This seafood is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and omega3 fatty acids and loaded with such rich nutrients. Not only is fish super healthy but at the same time a healthy, scrumptious and delicious addition to our overall diet. When aware of all the benefits of fish you as a dog lover may be interested to find out can dogs eat fish? Today we will sort out this problem for dog parents if fish and dogs gel well? Are there any health benefits of feeding fish to dogs? And also cover on the reservations and concerns people have regarding giving raw fish to a dog.

Is fish bad for dogs

You may probably think twice as much if fish is good for dogs or not. Dogs can definitely eat fish as it is completely safe and good for dogs. Fish is loaded with protein which dogs need in addition, the protein found in fish is healthier so won’t add any bad fat or excessive weight which is good especially for overweight and obese dogs.

Fish is also great for dogs with allergies. Omega-3 fatty acid in fish helps decrease inflammation, and improves immune system. All these health benefits can only be attained if you supplement your dog’s diet by occasionally adding it to his diet but relying completely on fish is not safe. High quality dog food is compulsory and should not be comprised upon.

Well, fish has some amazing health benefits for dogs but there are also risks of feeding fish to dogs like:

  • Raw fish contains harmful bacteria which can cause problems in your dog so avoid feeding it raw and cook well before giving it to your dog.
  • Not all fish types are safe for your dog so research a bit before feeding any type to your dog.
  • Fish should be fed only once a week and in small quantity to avoid mercury poisoning.
  • Fish can also be a choking hazard. Remember to remove any bones before sharing it with your dog.
  • Feeding dog fish on regular basis could lead to mercury poisoning.

Health benefits of fish for dogs

As mentioned above your dog can eat fish and you should feed as it has several health benefits for your canine friend.

  • Fish is rich in omega 3 and essential fatty acids, which help in sustaining and supporting joint function and ease stiffness. These nutrients also help to nourish the brain and improve vision development.
  • Fish is a tremendous source of protein which helps to maintain a dog’s overall health.
  • Fish contains calcium, phosphorus, and other vital minerals which are extremely advantageous to your dog’s health and boost the growth of muscles, bones, and teeth.

Can dogs eat fish bones?

Fish bones should not be fed to dogs not only because they are hard to digest but can cause many issues from lacerations to puncturing holes in the dog’s digestive tract and stomach.

To safely feed dog fish remove all the bones and run the meat through a food processor. Another much safer option is to buy boneless fish to play everything safe.

Can dogs eat the fish skin?

Yes, dogs can have fish skin, in fact, it is good for them as the oils in fish skin improve dog’s coat and immune system. So, you can give dog fish skin safely but make sure the scales on the skin are not too big or sharp, the skin is cooked properly and small amounts are fed occasionally.

Can dogs eat raw fish?

Beside high quality dog food which is no doubt an essential part of your dog’s diet your Fido can eat fish safely. But it is recommended not to feed your dog raw fish as it contains bacteria and diseases which are harmful to your dog.

So if you intend to feed your dog fish then select fresh piece and cook it well to kill any harmful bacteria which can cause problems for your dog. Also, remember that the quantity of feeding also plays a role. Start with small amount and gage your dog’s reaction if everything went smooth you can share it with your dog occasionally.

Can dogs eat salmon?

Yes, dogs can eat salmon in fact, salmon has numerous health benefits for dogs. Salmon helps reduce joint inflammation and also aids in better brain health and immune system. But to reap all these benefits only feed your dog fresh, cooked, and boneless salmon occasionally and in small amounts.

Feeding dog salmon on a regular basis could lead to mercury poisoning. The micro-organism Neorickettsia helminthoeca found in salmon could cause salmon poisoning disease (SPD) which can even kill a dog

Although fish for dogs is ok once a week and in moderation. Always introduce it in a small amount and see if your dog digest it well and everything went smooth to avoid any health issues. If you have any concerns about the kind of fish and the quantity best for your dog talk to your veterinarian for proper guidance.Save

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