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Can Dogs Eat Grapes? Is It Really Safe For Your Dog?

can dogs eat grapes

It may seem hilarious to see a dog chasing and running after a grape in movies and it is also likely that you may want to have fun with your dog this way but is it safe and ok for dogs to eat grapes. One of the most important question you should know as a dog owner can dog eat grapes safely? Let’s find it if you can give grapes to your pooch or not.

Can dogs eat grapes?

Many dog owners inquire this question Can my dog eat grapes? The shortest answer is, No never not even a single grape. Grapes and raisins (dried grapes) are considered deadly for canines, therefore should never be fed in any amount not even a single. Although the exact substance in the fruit that causes toxicity in dogs is still unidentified but one thing that is pretty clear does not feed your dog grapes and to be on a safe side steer clear of raisins too. To comprehend the toxicity of grapes it is enough to say that this fruit is listed as one of the deadliest human foods for canines.

Are grapes bad for dogs?

Yes, grapes are extremely toxic and dangerous for canines. As to why grapes are so bad for dogs, the reason behind is the toxicity it can cause in the form of acute renal failure (kidney failure). The exact mechanism or what components of grapes cause kidney damage is still unknown and need to find out but pesticides and various fungi have been some of the major causes known.

Can grapes kill a dog?

Well, yes! Grapes have the possible potential to kill a dog. Although it is not that grapes are toxic for every single dog out there, there are some dogs that do well with grapes as they are immune to the ill- effects of grapes but you never know if your dog is among the lucky ones or not. So it is better to keep your pooch far away from grapes and raisins for the safety and well-being of your companion.

There are many cases registered where ingestion of grapes cause severe problems for canines including acute kidney failure and even death can occur. Regardless of age, size, sex, and breed, grapes should never be fed to dogs in any form fresh, frozen or dried, seeded or seedless and in any amount whatsoever.

Why are grapes toxic for dogs?

Grapes are bad for dogs because this fruit can cause grape toxicity causing severe kidney damage. Why dogs can’t eat grapes is still under debate. Researches were conducted on several substances to find out the exact cause of grape toxicity including the pesticides, the herbicides, the flesh, the peel, and the seeds of the fruit but nothing could be said regarding what exactly is causing the toxicity to dogs. However, the only thing which is confirmed is that grapes are extremely dangerous for canines and should be sidestepped.

How many grapes can make a dog sick?

We cannot say about the exact amount of grapes which could cause trouble to dogs, however, it is reported that as little as few grapes could lead to acute kidney failure in dogs. There are possible chances that eating just one grape could damage a dog’s kidneys according to veterinarian experts.

Though a rough estimate of the toxic amount of grape or raisins for dogs determined by experts is about 0.18 ounces per pound of the dog’s weight which is about 1.8 ounces (one or two grapes) for a 10-pound dog and with raisins 0.07 ounces per pound which are about 0.7 ounces for a 10 pound dog.

The amount really is not important because even the small amounts could turn out to be fatally toxic to a dog.

Grape toxicity in Dogs:

My dog ate grapes will he be ok? No one can say for sure if everything can still be fine after a dog eating grapes because this fruit is one of the deadliest human food for dogs which can turn fatal and deadly.

With chocolate, the toxicity depends on the kind of chocolate and the amount consumed, but there is no such thing with this fruit. Grapes of any kind, green or red, grown organically or inorganically and fed in any amount, one grape or a bunch of grapes, seeded or seedless may turn downright deadly and poisonous for a dog within no time.

Symptoms of grape toxicity in dogs:

Toxicity from grapes usually develop fast and could turn serious and critical. Some of the symptoms of grape toxicity include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Anorexia
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dehydration
  • Renal failure (death)
  • Oliguria (passing less urine)
  • Anuria (stop urinating)
  • Abdominal pain (stomach may feel hard to touch)
  • Fluid cessation (animal will not drink water or stop urinating)

What if my dog has eaten grapes?

If you suspect that your four-legged companion has eaten grapes or raisins, immediately take him to the vet. If due to any reason you are unable to get to the vet right away, induce vomiting to eliminate the toxic effects. It is very much likely that your dog will vomit on its own after eating grapes and that is good. If not, you can use activated charcoal for induction of vomiting, it will help decrease the absorption of grape toxins.

3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution could also be used instead. A teaspoon or 5 mls. of hydrogen peroxide per pound of body weight could be given orally to the dog for inducing vomiting. Wait for 10-15 minutes, if your dog vomits its great otherwise repeat it a second time. Do not extend beyond twice. Note: Never induce vomiting if your dog is having difficulty breathing, having seizures, seems depressed, heart rate is slow or if the animal is unconscious. Vomiting is just a quick fix and need of the hour but trip to the vet is necessary for precautionary measures. Also, take with you the sample of vomitus so it will be easier for your vet to further investigate and treat your dog.

Our dogs bring so much to our lives; returning their true kindness, loyalty and affection are beyond our boundary but at least caring for their food and comfort would be the least thing we can do for them. If any food may it be grapes, raisins, chocolate, or onions are such dangerous for our buddies life keeping them at places where our dogs cannot reach them is our responsibility;  in case they have eaten any of such thing getting them to the vet is the only way to save their life.


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