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Can Dogs Eat Green Beans? Fact Every Dog Owner Must Know

can dogs eat green beans

Obesity in canines is the rising ailment, as like humans, being overweight is also an alarming health issue for our dogs. Over forty percent of dogs in the US are overweight. Among the most common culprits why dogs are acquiring weight issues is the “food”. Concerned dog owners are trying to help their obese dogs lose weight by improving the quality of food. They seek for foods and treats that would render outcomes. One such food that is in the nutritive highlight is the green beans but can dogs eat green beans safely. Are green beans good for dogs or Are green beans bad for dogs? Let’s find it out.

Are green beans safe for dogs?

Yes, green beans are completely safe for dogs to eat and in fact good, especially for overweight and obese dogs. Green beans make a healthy and prodigious treat for your dog. Since they are filling and low in calories which make them a super nutritious treat that won’t add any weight and keep your pooch full due to its high dietary fiber.

Green beans could be used as a treat even if treats and snacks are constrained due to weight issues. As they won’t add any weight plus your pooch will benefit from the nutritional value of green beans. So is it a good thing to replace other unhealthy snacks and treats with green beans? Although green beans are safe but do not feed too much as it could cause stomachache, gas, and indigestion. How much green beans can a dog eat safely? Feeding 2-3 bite size pieces of green beans to a healthy dog is good enough.

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How can dogs eat green beans?

Green beans are no doubt a healthy and nutritious veggie for your dog but avoid feeding canned and preserved ones as the preservatives and flavorings (sodium) used in them are not good for your dog. Offer fresh and unseasoned, (dogs do not crave for seasonings and they are not good for them too), and washed, as they might be sprayed at some point during production, and chemicals are highly toxic for dogs. Cut off the ends also as they are hard and difficult to digest.

You can also cook them for 10 minutes in boiling water for easy digestion. Another option would be to mix them in your dog’s regular food. Remember that a dog’s digestive tract does not have the ability to break down vegetables as we humans do, so offer them cooked or purred green beans would be much better than feeding them whole or raw.

Green beans could be a good option for older dogs as they tend to gain weight easily. You can add them to their regular food as a low-calorie nutritious filler. During the course of eating, the stomach and intestines fill, causing expansion or stretching of the walls of stomach and intestines. This stretching causes a release of hormones into the blood, which travels to the satiation center of the brain, triggering to stop eating. Consuming fiber increases meal volume without adding many calories and speeds the satiation effect. The feeling of fullness reduces food consumption and decreases calorie intake.

Divide the regular amount of dog food that you feed. Substitute green beans for the other half. If your dog does not seem to be interested in eating green beans, you could also start with less than half green beans to get them used to the change and then increase up to the required amount.

Health benefits of green beans for dogs

Green beans are considered healthy due to the presence of some very important vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Some of the health benefits of green beans are:

  • Green beans are rich in vitamins A, a fat-soluble vitamin, and helps to preserve your dog’s eye health. It also maintains optimal heart health of a dog.
  • Greens beans contain Vitamin K, which is also a fat-soluble vitamin, and it aids in healing by promoting blood.It also aids the body’s ability to absorb calcium.
  • Green beans contain Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that improves a dog’s immune system and regulates blood pressure.
  • Vitamin A, K, and C have antioxidant properties which also aid in preventing cancer in dogs.
  • Green beans contain magnesium, a mineral which helps the body to absorb and utilize nutrients.
  • Green beans are highly rich in dietary fiber which makes it an ideal food for your overweight and obese dog.

It is true that green beans are good for dogs but an excess of anything is never good. So, practice moderation in whatever you feed your dog.

Beside a high grade, quality dog food, which fulfills a dog’s basic needs many pet owner are incorporating fruits and vegetables safe for dogs as a supplementary option which is ok. Talk to your vet if your dog is overweight or obese about the possible diet plans suited best for your dog to keep a healthy stable weight.Save

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