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Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Interesting Facts For Dog Owners


Winter season is just round the corner and so are oranges. Juicy, fresh and tangy, oranges are for sure a real gift of winters. When enjoying this mouthwatering fruit you may have seen your four legged companion wanting some. As a responsible owner you may be reluctant to share and want to know can dogs eat oranges safely? We will try to explore whether or not you can give an orange to your pooch. Also, are there any health benefits of orange for dogs? Let’s dig it!

Can I give oranges to my dog?

Yes, orange is one of the fruits dogs can eat so you can occasionally share an orange with your dog. But there is more to know before start feeding it to your dog.

Should dogs eat oranges? Oranges which are considered very nutritious and healthy fruit for humans is not considered to have that many benefits for your dog. It is ok to give an orange to your dog occasionally and in moderation, if you want, or if your dog is willing to but it neither have any worth health benefits nor it has any side effects too. Instead of orange, you should go for apples, bananas or strawberries as we have discussed earlier the benefits your dog gets from these fruits. As far as oranges are concerned you can share it with your dog but do not give too often. Depend on a high quality commercial pet food for your dog’s overall nutritional requirements and feed fruits or other human foods as an occasional treat.

When it comes to how much of orange can you give to your dog? It is recommended to give few slices of the fruit only and a whole could be given to a big healthy dog safely. Although Oranges are very high in natural sugar content, and one may wonder that too much sugar is not good for a dog but according to experts natural sugar fed with fiber is not something to be worried about.

If your dog is diabetic or has a history of any other medical condition, do not give orange without your vet’s consultation. If not fed in moderation, oranges could cause a bout of diarrhea in your dog. Always practice moderation for the betterment of your companion.

How can dogs eat oranges?

Dogs can eat oranges but preparing the fruit before feeding is also crucial as you cannot give whole fruit. If you wonder can dogs eat orange peels too? Remember, Orange rind and orange peel is by any way not recommended to give a dog as they are difficult to digest and could lead to gastrointestinal upset. Orange seeds also need to be discarded, the only flesh of the fruit, depending on the size of the dog, as mentioned above only a few slices 2-3 to a small healthy dog and to a healthy big dog few slices of one orange could be safely given. Orange rind, peel, and seeds contain some citric acid limonin and oils that could lead to depression in your dog if a large amount is consumed.

So, are oranges safe for dogs to eat? Well, yes oranges can be fed to a healthy dog occasionally as a treat but try not to feed too often as it can cause a bout of diarrhea due to its acidic nature. Other citric fruits like tangerines and clementine are also considered safe but like with oranges moderation and preparation is quite necessary. A dog with a history of any medical condition, orange can only be fed with a veterinarian’s consultation otherwise rely on treats you are sure about.

We always recommend consulting your vet before feeding any new fruit to your dog as some breeds of dogs are allergic to certain fruits. You may think that by sharing fruit with your Fido you are doing something good but in reality, you may be posing a health risk for your dog. Only feed foods that you are sure about for the lifelong health and happiness of your canine buddy.Save

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