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List Of Dogs That Look Like Wolves

dogs that look like wolves

The relationship between human being and dogs is the most evocative and meaningful than with any other animal. Dogs are not just a pet animal for us but are like our family and companions. These faithful and friendly animals are descended from wolves and that is the reason why dogs look like wolves. The two species share some similar characteristics and traits like a sense of smell, hunt for scraps, meat eaters, bark and growl, friendly and fierce but not much is similar. A dog can be kept as a pet but the idea of keeping a wolf as a pet is not wise as when the animal reaches maturity the natural wild instinct took over. If anyone is fascinated in keeping a wolf as a pet you can keep dogs that look like wolves still remaining faithful dogs. Today we are sharing a list of top 9 dogs that resemble wolves.

Dog breeds that look like wolves


Tamaskan is a rare dog breed which is originated from Finland. This breed is actually bred to look like a wolf. The Tamaskan is smaller in size than a timber wolf usually weights about 30 to 40 kg around 60 to 65 pounds. However their grey color coat, non- blue eyes and straight tail together make a strong wolf like appearance. Some of them are shy and introvert but mostly are brainy, compliant and agile.

These dogs have a very strong prey drive so it is not prudent to keep them unsupervised with other small pets and young children. They’re very clever, effortlessly trainable and extremely social. They do not like to be left alone. These dogs require regular exercise otherwise can turn destructive.

Northern Inuit

Like Tamaskan the northern Inuit is relatively a new breed of dog to look like a wolf. It usually weighs about 45 to 50 kg around 75 to 85 pounds. It resembles too much like a wolf that in North Carolina State it is used in wolf pack as its official live mascot.

This breed of big dog that looks like a wolf was bred in the United kingdoms from the Huskies, German shepherd, Alaskan malamute and some of the Inuit breeds of dogs. These dogs were bred with Siberian huskies to be friendly but are sometimes stubborn and stalwart too. These dogs get along very well with kids but do not like to be left alone.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan malamute is a big dog breed to look like a wolf. It is similar to timber wolf both in size and coloring. Most Alaskan malamute weighs about 35 to 40 kg around 75 to 85 pounds but some can get as big as 45 kg around 100 pounds. They are known for their ability to resist and counter training. Obedience training and socializing from very early age is necessary. They are extremely energetic dogs.

Alaskan malamute gets along very well with other dogs and with all types of families but as with other dogs, Alaskan malamute should not be left unsupervised with young children. These dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and joint problems because of their massive size. Seasonally the malamute sheds its coat. Malamutes are best suited for cold temperatures. In hot temperatures, they require special care like proper shade and air conditioning. Malamutes are stubborn and independent breed and require proper training. Malamutes are excellent for active families.

Siberian Husky

This breed of dog is now so famous that many people recognize Siberian husky when they see one on streets. The Siberian husky looks more wolf like than any other breed of dog. This big dog breed is bred in the northeast of Siberia by the Chukchi tribes. The Siberian husky dog is domesticated for thousands of years but still have a thick double coat like its ancestors.

If you want to keep Siberian husky as a pet dog be very chary to sidestep some of the behavioral issues with this breed. Siberian husky dogs are huge runners so require a lot of exercise and owners who do not provide it end up with a dog that runs off when given a chance. Shedding is one of the things which husky owners have to bear as these dogs as these shed a lot twice a year. These dogs are very smart and affectionate but are stubborn too.

They are very high prey and high energy dogs so to put them on a leash can be difficult. Siberian husky has also developed eerie ability to distinguish home and class so are very difficult to train. At least weekly grooming is required to keep their double undercoat from getting matted. Siberian huskies have an affinity with children and they make superb family companions.

Canadian Eskimo

The Canadian Eskimo dog, also known as Quimmiq, is another tribal sled dog most likely been bred with wolves. The dog weighs between 30 and 35 kg around 60 to 65 pounds and has a thick coat like that of Siberian husky. They have the powerful athletic build of an Alaskan malamute and they look very much like wolves. Eskimo are very energetic and peppy dogs. They can be kept as pets but needs regular and consistent exercise as the walk is not enough for them.

These dogs have a great prey drive so keeping them unsupervised with smaller pets could be dangerous. Canadian Eskimo dogs are presently threatened with extinction.


The Kugsha dog, also known as Amerindian Malamute, is a very rare wolfdog breed. The Kugsha dog breed usually weighs between 27 kg and 48 kg around 60 to 106 pounds and has a dense double coat that comes in a variety of colors. Twice a week brushing is needed to keep the coat in good condition.

Kugsha which are wolf hybrid dogs are highly intelligent, independent and working dogs. Kugsha dogs are good companions but can’t be left alone unsupervised. Due to their predator instinct, these wolf dogs are not good with kids so not an ideal dog breed if you’ve kids around.


Whippet, a medium sized hound also known as the “poor man’s Greyhound,” is a friendly, loving, and good natured dog breed to look like a wolf. Whippet usually weighs between 8 kg and 21 kg around 18 to 48 pounds and has a short, dense coat which comes in a variety of colors and markings.

Although Whippets have very strong prey drive these hounds can be kept as pets. This dog breed needs regular exercise, and as far as grooming is concerned weekly brushing will help keep the coat in good condition.

Finish lapphund

Finish lapphund is a small breed of dog that resembles a wolf. This dog weighs between 14 kg and 24 kg around 33 to 53 pounds with an average life span of 12 to 15 years. Finish lapphund has a beautiful long thick double coat which comes in many colors like white, crème, sable, black, red, and brown and many combinations like black and tan.

These dogs are active, intelligent, energetic and easy to train plus a good watch well. Lappies are an ideal dog breed with kids and children as the breed adapts well to family life.


Utonagan is a unique dog breed to resemble a wolf as it is a cross between German shepherd, Alaskan malamute and Siberian husky, the intelligent and strong breeds of dogs. Utonagan weighs between 24 kg and 40 kg around 55 to 90 pounds with an average life expectancy of 10-15 years. This wolf-like dog in appearance has a thick double coat which comes in beautiful colors of brown, gray, Silver, and white.

Utonagan dogs playful, energetic, and affectionate nature make them good pets even with kids and children. Daily exercise is needed so active owners should go for Utonagans. Regular grooming will help keep the fur in good condition.



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