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Is cinnamon bad for dogs? Facts About Cinnamon.

is cinnamon bad for dogs

Cinnamon, a sweet and fragrant spice is one of the most commonly used in our everyday cuisine from sweet to savor. Adding this nifty spice on anything like, pie, cookies, rolls, cake, shawarma or bread, whatever you bake or cook, cinnamon’s versatility adds a superfluous flavor and aroma, which is difficult to resist not only for you but your fur pal too. When used so frequently, as a dog owner you may be interested to know is cinnamon bad for dogs or can dogs eat cinnamon safely? Let’s dig it out if your pooch can have some cinnamon treat with you safely or not.

Is cinnamon safe for dogs?

Well don’t worry. Your pooch can safely enjoy cinnamon treats with you in moderation as it is considered non-toxic for canines. But there’s more you need to know before feeding it to your canine companion.

Cinnamon comes in two varieties: the Ceylon Cinnamon and the Cassia Cinnamon. Between the two varieties the Ceylon cinnamon is considered nontoxic and innocuous for dogs due to the lower amount of the compound, coumarin, which may pose threat if consumed in large amount by dogs. Coumarin is not just considered dangerous for dogs but ingesting large amount of it could even cause liver damage in humans alike. The Cassia cinnamon contains high amount of coumarin, which may pose a potential health risk to your pooch, that’s the reason why this variety of cinnamon is not safe and dog friendly.

So can dogs have cinnamon? Yes, dogs can have the Ceylon variety in moderation but the cassia variety is toxic for dogs and therefore should not be fed.

How much cinnamon is safe for dogs?

As mentioned above Ceylon cinnamon is safe for canines in moderation. Ingestion of larger amount of cinnamon, however, can cause some serious life threatening problems for your dog. So how much cinnamon is safe for dogs? Below we are sharing the table for the amount of cinnamon and the dog’s weight to actually help you administer the exact amount of cinnamon to your pooch.

Dog’s weight(in pounds) Dosage
1-10 lbs. Small pinch up to 1/4 teaspoon
10-20 lbs. Up to ¼ teaspoon
20-50 lbs. 1/4 to 1/8 teaspoon
50-100 lbs. 1/4 to 3/4 teaspoon
Over 100 lbs. 3/4 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon

How can dogs eat cinnamon?

Powdered cinnamon used in dog friendly fares is the safest option to give to dogs. Can dogs eat cinnamon stick? No because cinnamon stick may be a choking hazard for dogs and should be avoided. Inhaling cinnamon while ingesting the powder may also cause coughing, choking, difficulty breathing and bronchospasm and therefore it is also not a safe option of feeding cinnamon to your dog.

Another most frequently asked question is can dogs eat cinnamon rolls? To be honest, not really. Cinnamon rolls contain a lot of sugar and fats, both of which could cause problems like indigestion, pancreatitis, and weight gain, therefore should cinnamon rolls are not a good healthy thing to share with your pooch.

Is cinnamon good for dogs?

Cinnamon not just adds taste to foods but it is also beneficial for humans as research has proved its effectiveness in treating and curing blood sugar, infections, stomach bug, arthritis, and even cancer, but what about health benefits of cinnamon for dogs. Although studies have not proved any benefits of cinnamon for dogs but anecdotal evidence suggest this spice as effective and beneficial for dogs as it is for humans. Some of the health benefits of cinnamon for dogs are:

  • Cinnamon if added in your dog’s regular food could improves the palatability of food.
  • Cinnamon is also thought to aid the digestion in dogs.
  • Cinnamon helps control canine candida.
  • Cinnamon improves bad breath in dogs.
  • Cinnamon is also great for arthritic dogs as it helps keep bones warm especially during winters.
  • As cinnamon is rich in magnesium, so it’s great for your dog’s bone and cartilage development.

Although cinnamon is safe for dogs but ingestion of very large amount of cinnamon can pose some serious health risks for your dog. Some of the symptoms of cinnamon toxicity may include puking, vomiting, diarrhea, low blood sugar, liver disease, and changes in heart rate. If you suspect any of these symptoms in your dog after ingesting cinnamon, get your dog to the vet immediately or call the pet poison control center.Save

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