Saturday , December 16 2017

Can Dogs Eat Nuts? Is It really Safe?

can dogs eat nuts

You as dog lover may want to share foods that you love with your canine friends but remember not all foods we eat are safe and healthy for our pet buddies. Nuts which are no doubt considered healthy and nutritious for humans what about feeding them to our dogs? Are ...

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Facts About Blood In Dogs Stool You Must Know


Seeing your dog’s bloody stool can be a worrisome and disturbing experience. Blood in dog’s stool is not a thing you should ignore as it could be a sign of something very serious and could also be something very light. But as a responsible pet owner, it is always wise ...

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Ultimate Guide About Benadryl Dosage For Dogs

Benadryl dosage for dogs

Allergic reactions can be scary, creepy and quick. Raised, puffy, swollen, inflamed and circular areas can show up in a blink. You may be fright to death to see these unexpected problems with your dog. If your dog has a history of allergies like chronic or acute then treating it ...

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Best Flea Treatment For Dogs

best flea treatment for dogs

Sharing life with our four legged companions is all about love and affection. They give so much to us in the form of unconditional love and so as their owners it is our responsibility to return back to them by caring for them. Concerned about their food, safety and comfort ...

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Pepto Bismol For Dogs With Diarrhea

pepto bismol for dogs

Having a sick dog is as disconcerting and disturbing as having a sick child because we simply don’t know what to do to provide relief to our dog. Diarrhea or an upset stomach is among one of the common problems we encounter as pet parents. Sometimes you may have heard ...

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