Saturday , December 16 2017

Can Dogs Eat Onions? Facts You Must Know

can dogs eat onions

People food can cause problems for your dog. Foods which are safe and healthy for us can be unsafe and toxic for our companions. Onion which is considered as one of the healthiest food for humans, full of vital nutrients but the question is, whether is it safe for your ...

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Do You Really Know How Much To Feed A Puppy?

how-much to feed a puppy

The new four legged addition really brings excitement and trepidation to the whole family. Being a responsible owner you want to do everything possible for the health of your new companion. At such moments of bliss and consternation one important thing that struck your mind is your puppy’s diet. “What ...

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Are Bananas Good For Dogs?


As a responsible and informed pet owner, you need to be very much particular about your pet’s diet. Besides good quality pet food which is no doubt compulsory you can share some fresh fruits and vegetables with your canine as supplementary diet. But it is very important to make sure ...

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Can Dogs Eat Apples? Facts Every Dog Owner Must Know


It is not unusual for dog owners to share with their furry friends some treats beside their canine diet but if you want to give your dog such food make sure that you are giving the food safe for canine tummies. Apple which is considered one of the best and ...

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