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What do flea eggs look like?

Dealing with fleas is not an easy battle. These troublesome bloodsuckers can cost you and your pet friend a lot. So it is wise to know about fleas and how they increase such quickly. To discern you can read our article on how does a flea look like? Today we will dig deep into what do flea eggs look like? So that you can eliminate fleas and their eggs to completely get rid of them.

what do flea eggs look likeFleas are the most common pests that a cat or a dog encounter. They are ectoparasites that actually live on the body of the host animal for survival. They feast on the blood, feathers and skin of the host animal. Ctenocephalides Canis is the dog flea. It closely resembles Ctenophalides Felis or the cat flea. The dog flea is more rambling and prevalent. The fleas not only bites the animals but can bite humans too. Fleas can go anywhere from between two months and 100 days without a meal. They can multiply exponentially in number. For one or two fleas can become millions within just weeks. One flea can bite hundreds of times in a single day. So what if thousands of fleas are biting the poor animal. Your pet can have an allergic reaction to fleas. They can cause its skin to break in bumps and may develop sores in the area of the bites. So you dog or cat which have fleas will even start to pull their fur as an attempt to relieve the miserable itching, discomfort and pain.

Facts About Flea Eggs:

The female flea need blood before laying eggs. Following a blood meal, which is the sole meal, from your dog the female flea starts laying eggs. A female flea can lay about 50 eggs every day or about 4000 eggs in their lifetime. Dog flea egg measures about 0.05 mm in size. The eggs are tiny, small, white specks which look like dandruff or salt crystals on your dog and fall into rugs, carpets, your dog’s bedding or wherever your dog travels. Flea feces also called flea dirt is actually dry blood, which also falls off the host animal’s body. These eggs hatch into larvae within two to five days. These whitish worm like creature prefer damp, humid and dark places and their bristly and spikey hair help them attach to carpets, rugs and furniture fibers. The larvae feeds on the flea feces and other debris. After about a week the larvae begin spinning a cocoon in which a pupae lives. The pupae fully develops in five to eight days but the flea may not come out for months if environmental conditions are not right while in the cocoon the flea is protected and secured from cold, dryness and even insecticides. When a flea senses a nearby host it emerges from the cocoon hungry and voracious for blood and the cycle begins again. The entire life cycle can be as short as 14 days. Flea eggs are extremely impervious and resistant to the environment and are very hard to deal with. To completely get rid of fleas, eliminating flea eggs is crucial to break the flea cycle again.

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